Story of My Life

I love beginnings!!!

Starting new things is one of my favorite things to do. I am even better at the quitting part but we’ll get to that later. I am one of those lucky people who is interested in a plethora of different things. What is the saying? Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s the one. I attribute my love of firsts to my wildly overactive imagination. Before I have even reached beginner status of a new hobby or skill, in my mind I have mastered it and am quitting my job to become a ridiculously successful ________. This blank has included such gems as fashion designer, dog trainer, jewelry maker, ayurvedic healer, photographer, and my personal favorite – nurse. The nurse part is funny because my stomach flips at the mere thought of any type of physical discomfort. Oh and I can’t handle the sight of other people’s blood. I would make a wonderful nurse in the land of no sickness, injury, or pain. In fact, I might make an excellent queen of this land. Hum.

This blog was created one day in the interest of getting people to lighten up, for godssake! I think we have all established that the shit does, in fact, happen and the only way we are going to survive these frequent karmic bitch-slappings is to take a deep breath, laugh at the hilarity, and brush it off. I am hoping that you will not only be able to relate to my slew of misfortunes but also contribute some of your own. I realize that I am jumping the gun here because, at this time, I have absolutely no readers. But maybe someday I will have a guest blogger or two.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Story of My Life

  1. OK, So I wet my pants over the Steve Jobs comment (don’t get too cocky, because it’s a daily event). But, you are now my new favorite funny writer!!!. You make me laugh out loud. I’ve all ready tried to write several comments on your website, but I don’t think you ever got them, because I am such a non-hacker. Love you. Lou

  2. Love it!
    Write more. The first blog I’ve ever read. I’m in for the beach thing- Costa Rica’s nice….Miss you, love you, Auntie Boo ( flower girl)

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