Who am I?

I have written a few posts now and I thought it might be a good time to introduce myself to you. I was watching Amelie the other night and was inspired by the endearing way she managed to sum people up by revealing a few of their idiosyncracies to the audience. Also, contrary to what you might think, this little blog is not all about me and I would love it if you would comment with some of those deep, dark secrets that make you who you are. Once again, thanks for reading my dinky little laugh pad!

Name: Kat

Age: Late twenties, early seventies (depending on the time of day)

Kind of Person: Night 

Occupation: Planner, plotter, assembler, jotter, general all-around-town gal



Dipping food items into other food items.

Baby animals (occasionally human babies from a distance outside of projectile reach)

Spending money

The idea of living on a boat

Being warm

Throwing parties

The idea of going on a cleanse

Interesting faces attached to interesting people

Finding humor in ordinary situations


Cleaning up after parties

Talking on the phone for longer than 2.4 minutes

Getting out of the shower

Being cold

Being on a cleanse

Not being in absolute control of everything around me

Fish mousse

Going to take another sip of coffee only to find that the cup is empty

The post first-cup-of-coffee depression period

Having to get out of bed in the morning for things like work, life, and necessity

Your turn. Who are you?


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Name: Christy

    Age: Twenty-Four and Nine Months and Five Days (I’m one of those…)

    Kind of Person: Night

    Occupation: If want to be fancy, I’m a Federal Agent. If I’m explaining it literally, I work behind a desk for 8 hours a day, minus my two 15-minute breaks and 45 minute lunch.)

    Trying new beers
    Seeing beer in my refrigerator
    Getting my car washed
    Seeing my gas gauge on full
    Finishing a good book
    Payday Fridays
    Eating. All. The. Time.
    Reclining my recliner

    Running out of beer
    Having to get gas
    Sundays, only because I always feel like it’s mocking me. It says, “Hey, you don’t work today, let do something fun.” And then you realize that fun usually means beer and beer usually means a long night’s sleep to avoid dealing with hangovers and a long’s night sleep means calling out on Monday and that’s no bueno.
    My alarm clock

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