Honest Slogans


I don’t know about you but I do a lot of purchasing. I buy things all the time from many different stores. I guess you could say that I am a professional consumer. This being said, I have a great deal of first-hand experience in dealing with large companies. While many of these companies do a wonderful job, I feel that some of their slogans are slightly misleading. In an effort to clear things up, I have created a list of proposed slogans based on my extensive research and experience. Please enjoy!


Making computers in all kinds of crazy shapes since 1976


Thank god for the gamers.

Whole Foods

We have a shitload of kale here.


You know what’s missing in your life? Neon.


You could run a marathon or…just watch one. Gossip Girl? That’s what I thought.


I need this!


I know what you’re doing.


See Video

24 Hour Fitness

We never close and neither will you if you don’t get your fat ass over here!


Why are there all these screws left?

Mrs. Myers Clean Day

It isn’t clean but it smells AMAZING.


Don’t get up, we’ll bring it to you.


Got any more?? Comment below!

As usual, thank you for being the bestever and reading Bad at Art!









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