For the Love of Boobs


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am going to talk a little bit about two things that are very near (literally) and dear to my heart… boobs. They really are everywhere, even some men have them! Growing up, I was not blessed with the endowment of some of my friends. When they finally did come along around twenty I was all the more grateful. Boobs can feed a tiny human for goodness sakes! They can also be used to attract a mate or get out of a parking ticket. I think that as women, we sometimes see the twins as a nuisance. Like walking around with two balloons that are always in the way. We are always dressing them up or tying them down, enlarging them or reducing them. This month I urge you to make a little peace with them, give them a good rub (or have someone else do it for you) and thank them for being around. If you can’t seem to feel the love, just ask the nearest male what he thinks and I guarantee he’ll have some kind words to say.

In addition to this little boob-blurb, for each person that either comments on this post or likes Bad at Art on Facebook, I will donate $.50 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

That’s right! Support your boobs or someone else’s + Bad at Art in the process 🙂

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