Why Oh Wyoming

I have always had a turbulent relationship with Wyoming. Each year since I was three, my family would pack us up and head to Wyoming for summer break. This was all fine and dandy until I became a teenager and the prospect of spending 30-60 days away from friends (boys), TV (MTV) and fun (fun) was simply unacceptable. We would drive to a place called ‘Nowhere’ and then drive 50 miles north to make sure that we were really in the middle of it. … More Why Oh Wyoming

I guess I’ll stop moping now

Anyone who has any experience with these types of medications knows that there’s a distinct ‘down’ period once your body discovers that there is no longer a 24-hour all-you-can-eat serotonin buffet upstairs. In my case, this has shown up as a general mopiness. Kind of a mix of Eeyore and the entire 3rd season of Grey’s Anatomy. … More I guess I’ll stop moping now