30 Things it Took me 30 Years to Learn

Ah, not being in my 20’s anymore. I have to say, it’s unexpectedly awesome. Things are coming easier to me. Not in the sense that life is letting up (it’s definitely not), more so in the sense that I have a better understanding of what I like and what I don’t. What works and what doesn’t. What to let in and what to let on.

To illustrate this perfectly, I invite you to join me at King Soopers last week when I was shopping for groceries. Grocery shopping has always been a trial for me. I never buy the right things, am always missing some key ingredient from every recipe, and, once, I somehow managed to make it out of the store having purchased only condiments and still ended up spending a fortune. Now, being 30 and ever so much wiser, I managed to make it out of the store with only things I will actually eat, all for under $40. Not too shabby.

Here are 30 other things it has taken me 30 years to learn:

  1. No is a complete sentence.
  2. Never buy bras online.
  3. Caffeine turns some people into a cracked-out, crazy lunatics. Myself included.
  4. Chopping off all your hair and dying it red is not the answer to a bad hair day.
  5. You can never watch When Harry Met Sally too many times.
  6. Some people just don’t like hugs.
  7. Parking tickets add up FAST.
  8. Don’t buy fresh produce unless you plan to eat it or cook it the same day. Broccoli gets more and more unappealing as the days go on.
  9. Don’t agree to go to a timeshare presentation unless you are absolutely sure you know how to say ‘no’ again and again and again.
  10. Not wearing sunscreen when you’re young makes your skin look like a leather bag when you’re older.
  11. When in doubt, go for a walk.
  12. Dogs are not little furry humans.
  13. Eating after 8pm almost guarantees a fat day tomorrow.
  14. It’s never too late to change careers.
  15. Doing a little bit every day is better than doing everything in one day.
  16. When in doubt, be kind.
  17. Marry the one who makes you laugh.
  18. Mung beans are never going to taste good and you should just cut your losses and stop buying them.
  19. You can’t fix people or their problems. But you can show up and listen.
  20. When in doubt, meditate.
  21. You’re never too poor/sad/shameful/embarrassed/angry/lost/busy to do something nice for yourself.
  22. Everything changes. Everything.
  23. Reading in bed with a glass of wine is a great way to spend a Saturday night.
  24. The first day is the hardest.
  25. It’s ok to always be a little bit overdressed.
  26. Clutter multiplies.
  27. When in doubt, go out for ice cream.
  28. There’s no need to feel insecure, people are mostly just thinking about themselves.
  29. Listen to your gut.
  30. Tell people you love them.

That’s my list! What’s on yours?

One thought on “30 Things it Took me 30 Years to Learn

  1. I love this Kat!!! Thinking of you – Hope you have a good DC trip. Let’s catch up when you get back in town.🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦. Ice cream – love that one!!! Love you❤️

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