30 Things it Took me 30 Years to Learn

Ah, not being in my 20’s anymore. I have to say, it’s unexpectedly awesome. Things are coming easier to me. Not in the sense that life is letting up (it’s definitely not), more so in the sense that I have a better understanding of what I like and what I don’t. What works and what doesn’t. What to let in and what to let on. … More 30 Things it Took me 30 Years to Learn

The Resistance Monster

Life as a writer is tough. There are numerous books that shine a light on the writing process and I have read them all. This was a beloved method of procrastination that I subscribed to for many years. These books have a way of making you feel like the second you finish them you are going to run to the page and write with the fury of a reporter on deadline. … More The Resistance Monster

Why Oh Wyoming

I have always had a turbulent relationship with Wyoming. Each year since I was three, my family would pack us up and head to Wyoming for summer break. This was all fine and dandy until I became a teenager and the prospect of spending 30-60 days away from friends (boys), TV (MTV) and fun (fun) was simply unacceptable. We would drive to a place called ‘Nowhere’ and then drive 50 miles north to make sure that we were really in the middle of it. … More Why Oh Wyoming

I’m a writer?

I have been a writer my whole life but didn’t really figure it out until I was seventeen and didn’t admit to it until, well, now. It was something I loved to do and I couldn’t really fathom having it be my career (and sometimes I still can’t). My first published piece was a poem … More I’m a writer?

How to Live in San Francisco (you don’t even have to go to Burning Man!)

Hello friends!  I would like to dedicate this post to all of the wonderful and interesting people I have met during my years of living in the beautiful Bay Area ❤ My husband and I are coming up on the second anniversary of piling the poor Subaru up with our belongings and setting out to … More How to Live in San Francisco (you don’t even have to go to Burning Man!)

My REAL Resume

Today we are going to talk about resumes. How many resumes have you written and re-written in your lifetime? New and better jobs eventually replace the old ones and after a while no one even knows that you became Lead Smoothie Maker at Jamba Juice in 2005. Our resumes are expected to be concise and … More My REAL Resume

Story of My Life

I love beginnings!!! Starting new things is one of my favorite things to do. I am even better at the quitting part but we’ll get to that later. I am one of those lucky people who is interested in a plethora of different things. What is the saying? Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s the one. … More Story of My Life