The Resistance Monster

Life as a writer is tough. There are numerous books that shine a light on the writing process and I have read them all. This was a beloved method of procrastination that I subscribed to for many years. These books have a way of making you feel like the second you finish them you are going to run to the page and write with the fury of a reporter on deadline. … More The Resistance Monster

Everything I know about interviewing I learned from dating

I am currently in the process of interviewing for a new job. Over the years, I have become somewhat of a job-searching expert. In fact, it has been my full-time job for longer than many of my actual jobs! The other day as I was standing in my closet deliberating between a tasteful black dress … More Everything I know about interviewing I learned from dating

My REAL Resume

Today we are going to talk about resumes. How many resumes have you written and re-written in your lifetime? New and better jobs eventually replace the old ones and after a while no one even knows that you became Lead Smoothie Maker at Jamba Juice in 2005. Our resumes are expected to be concise and … More My REAL Resume