Where else can I find Bad at Art on the Internet?

That’s a great question! Bad at Art has teamed up with awesome websites like Elephant Journal and MindBodyGreen to spread the good humor far and wide! Did you miss out on these articles? No worries, check them out here: MindBodyGreen.com Article on Online Dating ElephantJournal.com Article on Being a Decent Human Being Thank you all … More Where else can I find Bad at Art on the Internet?

BIG News!!!!

  That’s right, friends! Bad at Art is launching a line of (adorably) honest greeting cards! Plus, we will even hand-write + send the greeting to your someone special! Now is the time, tell them how you really feel! Check out the Etsy shop here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadatArt Let’s send some love! xxxxx, Kat

What I Remember

People say that you forget things about your wedding day. They told me that I should pause and savor the moments because they pass by too quickly. Thank you for this timeless advice. This is for anyone who has ever been married or is considering it in the future. This is what I remember…   … More What I Remember